What is a Study Bible?

What Is A Study Bible? Your Personal Scholar…

What Is A Study Bible?

One of the most frustrating things for both new, and even lifelong Christians, is to learn how to study the Bible.  And why shouldn’t it be…?  Even biblical scholars will confess they have no way of understanding the Bible in it’s fullness.  But don’t panic!  There have been incredible men and women over the centuries who have devoted their entire lives to studying the Bible, and learning the wisdom of God through His Word. 

So… What is a Study Bible?  

A Study Bible is an Edition of any particular Bible Translation (whether an NIV Study Bible, KJV, Get The #1 Bestselling Study Bible Today!!NLT, ESV, etc…) that has been written for those who are truly serious about not only learning the text, but also the context of which the biblical text was written.  A Study Bible is literally like having a biblical scholar walking you through Bible... from Genesis to The Book of Revelation.

What makes a study Bible a study Bible, are the footnotes at the bottom of each page.  Therefore, as you begin reading your new Study Bible, you will find footnotes that have been written by some of the wisest biblical scholars known to man.  These footnotes are excellent for explaining not only the text you’ve just read, but also the context in which the text was written. 

What is the Best Study Bible?

It never fails.  Shortly after being asked, “What is a Study Bible,” the question that quickly follows 99.9% of the time is, “What is the best Study Bible?”

The short answer: There isn’t a “Best Study Bible.”  

Now, that isn’t me simply trying to take the easy road to a difficult question.  I believe it’s the truth.  When asked this question, I always respond with, “The best Study Bible always depends on the person.”

For instance, maybe you’re someone who was raised in a church that teaches from the King JamesGet Your New KJV Study Bible Now!! Bible Translation.  If that’s the case, maybe it would be best if you began your journey with a KJV Study Bible

Or… if the King James Translation is too difficult for you to understand, then maybe an NIV Study Bible would be a good fit.  

For me personally (interestingly enough), I grew up in a church where the leadership taught from the King James Bible Translation.  However, I was actually gifted an NASB Study Bible one Christmas day, which I used to begin my journey in learning more about the nature and character of God, and taking the first step in my walk with Him.  Since then, however, I actually find that I mostly teach out of the NIV Bible Translation

Personally, I enjoy the NIV Study Bible Translation because it is more of a Word-for-Word translation of the King James Bible, whereas many other biblical translations are a Paraphrase of the King James Bible. 

I hope this helps you to answer the question, “What is a Study Bible.”

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