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Slosh Tubz Leading The Way In Custom Truck Wheel Tubs…

Slosh Tubz Making Big Splash with Spectacular Chevy Truck Custom Inner Fenders!

Isn’t it amazing how some of the most spectacular opportunities come along by accident?  Or maybe we should just chalk it up to fate.

When Mike Losh was making his first set of custom inner fenders, he was only doing so for his family heirloom 1967 Chevy C-10, better known as Cloud 9Little did Mike know, his venture would not only strike up a following among his friends, but would catapult him onto a national stage that he is quickly taking over.  Inasmuch, a seemingly suppressed passion and desire for classic truck restoration in Mike was resurrected.

Having begun his journey as a teenager, Mike worked alongside his Grandpa Jim when restoring and customizing old trucks.  As a young man, he would thenSlosh Tubz, Custom Truck Wheel Tubs, Chevy Wheel Tubs, Custom Inner Fenders, Inner Fenders, Custom Inner Fenders find himself landing a sales job in the automotive industry – where you can still find him serving his community today at 2 B’s Auto Sales in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  However, you will also find that Mike Losh has added another couple of lines to his resume.

After gaining such a following from customizing Cloud 9, in 2012 Mike Losh became the founder and CEO of Slosh Tubz, where in just a few short years he has quickly become a national headline when it comes to custom truck wheel tubs. 

Not only has he and his company made headlines all across the country, but Losh has been on too many radio shows to count, and has even graced the cover of magazines as well; both online and offline – making the cover of Street Trucks’ February, 2015 issue.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with terms such as Custom Truck Wheel Tubs, don’t worry… you’re not alone.

When you get around guys like Mike Losh – those who live and breathe classic car and truck restoration and customization – you’ll discover the phrase, custom truck wheel tubs, can also be translated as Inner Fenders, Custom Inner Fenders, Inner Tubs, or our favorite phraseology in Northwest Arkansas: SLOSH TUBZ!

Slosh Tubz has created the original custom fiberglass bolt-in inner fender.  With their magnificent colorfully sloped designs, Slosh Tubz not only allow for a creativeSlosh Tubz, Custom Truck Wheel Tubs, Inner Fenders, Custom Inner Fenders edge, but also give an appearance as though the classic trucks actually came dressed in tubs from the factory.  

You have to check out Slosh Tubz’ custom truck wheel tubs that have been perfectly engineered for Chevrolet’s C10 Truck Models from 1960-66, 1967-72, and from 1973-87.   Even if you’re not a Vintage truck lover, you can’t help but to be in awe of the creation.

The Vintage truck lover can also find Firewall Filler Panels, Rear Widened Tubz, Core Support Filler Panels and High Hump Transmission Tunnels.

Not only are they making waves with their tubs, but you can begin your collection today of Slosh Tubz Apparel, which includes Tees, the coolest Work Shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts and Caps.

You can visit Slosh Tubz at www.sloshtubz.net, and you can also visit his Fan Page on Facebookwhere you can find some cool pics of their projects.

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As an added bonus, check out this video where The Bible Beaters Motor Club caught up with Mike at a show:


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