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Northwest Arkansas Antiques… Unveiling the Best Kept Secret Around!

From Boutiques to Antiques

You may have heard it said that a secret is no longer a secret in Northwest Arkansas when that pesky columnist, Chuck Muckles, from The Christian Business Leader is around.  And if you haven’t heard that… well… neither have I.  Just remember that you heard it here first.

Nevertheless, I’ve been tracking a story about a so-called “Best Kept Secret” when it comes to Northwest Arkansas Antiques.  And without further adieu, I will begin peeling back the curtain to this thriving secret society.

If you were to take an afternoon drive due west on Highway 62 out of Fayetteville, AR, you would quickly pass through the rapidly growing little town of Farmington.  However, just a few minutes later you’d find yourself crossing over a bridge into the quiet, seemingly uneventful community of Prairie Grove.

But a word of warning! Don’t let the ambiguous silhouette of this small town fool you.

After turning right at the first stoplight, surely you would notice the eye-catching old Civil War Battleground, known as the Battlefield Park.  However, as you drive another half mile or so, you would notice the most odd thing to your left: “Is that a house, or a… Back Porch?”

And that’s when it happens!  That’s when the subtle, but ever so intriguing world of Antique-mania begins…

The Back Porch

Just having celebrated the grand opening of her new location over Labor Day Weekend, Amy Hyler’s cozy gift shop is anything but ordinary; and so much more than a gift shop. 

Originally having opened its doors in March of 2011, The Back Porch is now located about a half block due west of Northwest Arkansas Antiquest, Fayetteville, AR Antiques, Antique Stores around Northwest ArkansasCollier’s Drug Store in Prairie Grove, AR.  Once having entered through the front door, a new visitor might feel as though they had entered into Vintage Antique Heaven.  However, they are furthermore captivated when discovering the Vintage Antique Gift Shop is also a full scale Floral Shop as well.

Whether you’re looking for Vintage Antiques, furniture, floral arrangements or beautiful wreaths, visit Amy Hyler at The Back Porch.   Find The Back Porch on Facebook today.

But the tour of the best kept secret of Northwest Arkansas Antiques doesn’t stop here.

Crescent Store

If you dare to continue west from The Back Porch about another half mile, you will quickly be engulfed in one of the most unique and historical avenues to be found, especially when it pertains to Antique Lovers of Northwest Arkansas.

Located at 127 East Buchanan St. in Prairie Grove, AR, you will not only find the sponsor of today’s article, but also oneNorthwest Arkansas Antiques, Antique Stores in Northwest Arkansas of the most community driven and historical landmarks in town.

The Crescent Store, established in 1924, has been under the ownership of Shannon Stearman for the past nine years.  Not only can you find an array of antiques and gifts for anyone in the family, but you will also discover the support the Crescent Store provides for their surrounding communities as well.

Masquerading in a near century-old landmark is this vibrant boutique that offers an impressive arrangement in the latest of fashion apparel, handbags, jewelry, and so much more!  Not only so, but it is nearly impossible to escape the grasp of what is hidden in plain sight at the back of the boutique.

For the rugged Outdoorsman in your life, the Crescent Store offers just about any Carhartt product you’ll need.  Northwest Arkansas Antiques, Antique Stores in Northwest Arkansas

You’d be missing out on this indulging affair if you neglect to visit the Crescent Store in downtown Prairie Grove.  You can also visit them on Facebook to view the colorful lifestyle they offer.

But this “Boutique to Antique” madness doesn’t end with the Crescent Store either!  All up and down this main street of Prairie Grove, Arkansas you’ll find Vintage Antiques.  Oh, they may think they have the rest of Northwest Arkansas fooled into thinking they’re simple, everyday “Flee markets.”  However, I’ve set out to reveal the truth about this secret society of Fantastic Vintage Antique Fanatics…

Daisy’s & Olives, The Locals, Summit Hill Cottage, Antique Emporium, on and on I could could go.  You might think you can hide from the rest of the world, but I’m here to unveil the overflow of Antique-iness you all have been trying to keep quiet in this little town.

To Be Continued…

The Amazing Chuck Muckles




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