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The Obedience of a Plumber, Fayetteville, AR

Though the times are fewer and fewer, ten years later people still talk about the recession that was only moments away from becoming Plumber Fayetteville AR, Plumbers Fayetteville Ar, Plumbing Companies Fayetteville, Best Plumber in Fayettevile ARanother Great Depression for Americans.  But instead of a recession, for one plumber, Fayettville, AR plumber, Jason Humphrey, it was more of a time to the call of obedience. 

The Fall of a Metropolitan Empire

In 2003, Northwest Arkansas was on the brink of experiencing the greatest population explosion of its kind.  Retail giant, Walmart, had just sent out the memo that if you were going to do business with them, then you were going to have to have a representative living nearby the home office.  And over the next two years, Northwest Arkansas would become one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country.

The smaller towns on the fringe of the metropolis, like Prairie Grove, Farmington, Pea Ridge and Gravette, began stretching at the seems.  And the prophetic utterances of the men of old would finally come to pass, when you could no longer distinguish between the borders of Fayetteville and Springdale.  And if not for the interstate, one could no longer determine where Bentonville began and Rogers ended.

Just like in Thneedville, Everyone in Northwest Arkansas appeared to have more than he needed, and in many cases more than he ever imagined he’d have.  The quiet sunsets of Northwest Arkansas were quickly being erased by business buildings and new homes.  And in the middle of it all was a plumber who was simply trying to get his plumbing business up and running.  Which is exactly what Jason Humphrey did… just in time to watch the pillars begin to fall throughout the empire.

From 2004 until 2009, Jason Humphrey Plumbing was like most start-ups in the region – it couldn’t help but to be successful.  But in 2009, Jason recalls, “The economic downfall and the stress on my family had become too much.”

The Rise of a Humble Servant

Though Jason Humphrey had to shut down his plumbing company in 2009, he never felt as though he was shutting down for good.

“I really thought it would only be for a year or so.  Everyone was saying that it might not come back as strong, but that the housingPlumber Fayetteville, AR, Plumbers Fayetteville, AR, Best Plumber in Fayetteville AR, market would be back in a year, nonetheless.”  Jason continued, “But for me, I really feel it was God’s way of humbling me.  Telling me to slow down.”  

And slow down he did.  As a matter of fact, his one year hiatus turned into seven.  Or maybe it’s just that seven years to us is like one year to God…?

Humbled, knowing that he would have to learn a new skill to provide for his family, Jason would enter into the automotive industry where his Lord and Savior would faithfully provide for he and his family, while at the same time teaching him about humility and obedience.   However, entering as a salesman, it didn’t take long for Jason to get promoted to management.

Though his first year in the automotive industry passed quickly, he knew it still wasn’t time to go back to plumbing. “Just like I do today, I just kept praying that God would give me the strength.”

But now, seven years later, Jason has finally made it back to a life he once new. “I’m thankful for the time I’ve spent in the car business.  God has taught me a lot about patience, and understanding people better.”

Though the automotive industry is losing a dandy, the rapidly growing community here at The Christian Business Leader is thankful to have Jason Humphrey Plumbing back in business, and available when we’re in need.

One of the most exciting opportunities we’re providing for the awesome community of Northwest Arkansas, is an incredibly unprecedented platform where you can come and find highly trusted, and highly reputable organizations and people like Jason Humphrey.

If you’re in need of an honest plumber in the Fayetteville, AR area, look no further.  Call a plumber you can trust.  Call Jason Humphrey Plumbing.  You can contact him today through his Facebook Page, and he will have a website available in the very near future.

Jason Humphrey Plumbing is available for

  • New Construction, Remodel and Repairs
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Free Estimates

And most importantly, Professional, Dependable and Honest Work…

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