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What’s Happening in Northwest Arkansas?

Welcome to The Christian Business Leader, your personal guide to the goings-on in one of the greatest communities in America- Northwest Arkansas.

Fortunately for you and your family, you have stumbled upon one of the most Unique and Community-driven opportunities ever offered to the Christian community of Northwest Arkansas; a virtual town square where business leaders and community are growing together like never before.  However, we have a huge announcement to make!

The Story Behind “The Christian Business Leader”

This story began when a man became disturbed at the state of the Christian Retail Industry.  At the time he was a freelance Christian writer, ghostwriting Christian novels and movie scripts.  But when The Family Christian Store filed for bankruptcy in 2015, he asked God a single question: “Is there a way I can use my gift of writing to help the Christian Retail Industry?”

Though The FCS was able to stay in business, the bankruptcy continued to cripple our industry; having caused Send The Light (the largest Christian product distributor in the country) to close its doors for good in August of 2016.  Most Christians are unaware that STL was shipping out 25,000 Bibles everyday.  Even as this is being written, there are other Christian distributors who are either going out of business, or are selling out to other companies.  Throughout this time period, however, this man had transitioned from being a Christian writer, to becoming a verified Christian Copywriter.

He was blessed to have infiltrated the ranks of the best of the best when it comes to online marketing.  He learned the ins and outs of what it takes to run a successful business in today’s world.  Interestingly enough, he was given the wisdom to create The Christian Business Leader of Northwest Arkansas, a platform created to bring the entire Northwest Arkansas Christian Community together in one place.

The CBL allows the Christian community a place to come when you’re in need of specific products and services.  The Christian Business Leaders represented on this platform are trustworthy.  And should the day come when one of them are no longer trustworthy, then they will no longer be on this platform.

This Just In!  The Story Continues…

There has been an ironic turn of events already in the early going of 2017, which is why this update “Has” to be released. 

As already mentioned, the Founder of The Christian Business Leader had first become disturbed about the state of the Christian Retail Industry when The Family Christian Store had filed for bankruptcy.  However, exactly two years later, The Family Christian Store has just announced they will be permanently closing their 240 brick and mortar locations.  Sadly, it appears the founder of The CBL was correct when raising concern about the state of the Christian Retail Industry.  That being said, there is a spot of irony that has been raised to all who are associated with The CBL.

You see, the question that is now being raised is this:  “Did God have a plan two years ago when our industry began to collapse?” 

The reason those of us at The CBL have become energized since the announcement by The FCS, is because The Christian Business Leader of Northwest Arkansas is only days away from launching the largest Online Christian Bookstore in Northwest Arkansas… only days away! 

Does God have bigger plans than we had originally thought…?  Stay tuned, and let’s find out together!





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