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Mel’s Diner: Among Restaurants in Northwest Arkansas Where They Serve More than Great Food…

One of the sweetest gifts the community of Prairie Grove, Arkansas received on Valentine’s Day of 2012, is so much more than a simple diner that serves Fantastic Food.

Brandon Van Sickel, and his lovely wife, Melissa, have quickly become more than just another addition to the list of many restaurants in Northwest Arkansas.  They are quickly becoming a silent pillar in which many have come to love, respect and lean on when it’s time for another fundraising community event.  Furthermore, it should be no surprise they are sponsoring this article along with a FREE $20 Gift Certificate Giveaway. 

Brandon confesses that his dream of owning and operating a restaurant with his wife almost didn’t come to fruition; with Melissa not being very keen on the idea in the beginning.  With tongue in cheek, he says that’s why he had to name the restaurant after his wife and business partner of Mel’s Diner, (Mel-issa). 

Today, not only can you get a tasty breakfast six days a week, but you can also indulge in a tasty lunch, including the hand-pressed burgers that Brandon, himself, presses from scratch upon receiving the order.  However, his passion for what he does isn’t driven by the thought of one day becoming a wealthy business owner, nor is it spurred by an extraordinary love for cooking.  Brandon, as he explained it, is driven by having to grow up not country-poor, but Kansas City-poor. 

“Growing up in the Projects of Kansas City,” he passionately explained, “You’re not able to go out in the backyard and grow food in a garden, because there is no backyard.  There’s no yard at all.”

Ready to Serve… The Community

Having to go hungry and without on several occasions as a child is exactly what drives Mr. Van Sickel’s passion.  However, his passion isn’t simply for serving food, but for serving his community as well.

Not only have Brandon and Melissa been honored for serving the schools in Prairie Grove, but recently made an incredible impact over the pastRestaurants in Northwest Arkansas, Restaurants in Fayetteville Arkansas, Restaurants in Fayetteville AR summer by hosting the Appreciation at the Park meal for the First-Responders of the surrounding communities.  When so many in the country were coming down hard on the Men in Blue, the owners of Mel’s Diner were catering a huge meal for those in our community. 

Not only so, but after the meal the community-driven-couple donated every penny raised to the Shop with a Cop program, providing children all over Northwest Arkansas with gifts this Christmas season.  They have also participated in Trunk-or-Treat, and several other community driven fundraisers for children.

Beyond all things, the Van Sickels give all the credit to their loyal customers.  “Whether they visit us every day, once a week, or even just once every couple of months,” Brandon continued, “It is most definitely our customers whom we have to thank.  They’re the ones who allow us to keep our doors open, and who put food on the table for our family.”

One can only conclude that Mel’s Diner of Prairie Grove is more than just another one of the many restaurants in Northwest Arkansas.  I would also advise that it would be a mistake to just visit Mel’s Diner for a tasty burger or yummy breakfast, without also taking the time to say hello to two great servants of the Northwest Arkansas community; Brandon and Melissa Van Sickel.

Mel’s Diner is open Tuesday through Saturday for breakfast and lunch, from 8am-2:30pm.  And if you’re wondering why they’re not open for dinner other than Friday nights, it should come as no surprise to the answer they gave… “Because of our children.”

Visit Mel’s Diner on Facebook, and then go visit Brandon and Melissa in person.  You’ll be glad you did!

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