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Creative Doorway Wages War on Dark World of Human Sex Trafficking…

Director James Buzzacco of Creative Doorway Prepares to Ignite Fiery Flame in Dark World of Human Sex Trafficking…

“Let’s flip this on its side, and use the internet and power of social media for something more than what these cowards are hiding behind their screens doing”

                                            James Buzzacco…

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If C.S. Lewis was truly the answer to broadening our vision with his intuitive parableistic genius, then it’s safe to say that James Buzzacco has been gifted the keys to the Doorway that will lead our hearts and minds into another dimension of Creative transcendence.  

Though it may have been by accident, or like me, one might consider it was fate, I had the incredible pleasure of bumping into James in cyber-land almost two years ago to the day.  I was neck-deep into my freelance writing career, while Mr. Buzzacco was seeking to flesh out a script for a short film.  I guess, as so often is said, the rest is history. 

As it has been shown throughout history that God has a way of bringing His children together, though I have yet to shake his hand or hug his neck, James and I have been afforded the opportunity to occasionally connect either by phone or online.  However, I feel he and I would both agree that our favorite meeting place is within the Parallel Universe…  a Salvation that was provided us long before we knew of the others existence… and that is in Christ. 

With that being said, it was no surprise to me when learning that James had become incredibly passionate about getting the green light to move forward with the production of his debut feature film, Slaves, which God willing will serve as the Creative platform that raises the awareness of a most horrific evil assault that has been forged not only against humans, but Our Innocent Children!

Moreover, You and I can take part and become Co-creators in what I would consider to be more than just a major movie production, but a Revolutionary Event!

You can imagine how excited I was to track down the Busy Buzzacco for a quick briefing…

Joshua:  As always, wonderful to chat with you, brother.  I have to admit that I sense a raging fire burning within you when it comes to not only making this film, but when it comes to the too-little-talked-about topic of Human Sex Trafficking.

James:  And what a crazy feeling it is to have that “fire” constantly burning Josh… creativity just looking for more kindling I suppose.  And when you feed the flames with a subject matter like Human Sex Trafficking, I think our audience is destined to feel the heat of what our production and storytelling is capable of.  Obviously our goal as a Cinema Film Company is to entertain at the end of the day, but once a viewer enters into this particularly undiscovered human condition on screen… it’s only natural to engage with the film in a more “educational awareness” state of mind.  I’m still soaking this type of suffering in, while in shock pretty much.  Now, with that being said, my responsibility as a film maker requires that something be reactively burning like this in my heart or this would be an absolute flop!

Joshua:  If you could, James, tell everyone a little about your vision pertaining to the idea and concept of your Cinema Film Company, Creative Doorway, and how that has lead you to becoming so passionate about getting the opportunity to direct the film, Slaves.

James:  This is going to sound wild, but Creative Doorway was created for us to communicate and cultivate relationships with people.  My wife and I both worked for marketing firms, production companies, and creative agencies that perceived the authentic connection between client and company to be a liability of sorts.  Almost as if you had to live inside the smoke and mirrors of the marketing illusions we casted for our clients.  We believe without a single doubt that the raw vulnerability between people needs to exist to create anything meaningful in this life, and surprisingly it’s viewed as “less emotion equates to more productivity,” in the formulaic foundation of a successfully working business machine.  So, Creative Doorway is our indirect way of disagreeing with that entirely.  Hence, glorifying our so called “doorway” to the people in this world, so that we can be unrestricted in our creativity to connect with them.

Joshua:  Wow!  Deeper than I ever imagined.  So Creative Doorway, then, is so much more than a “name.”

James:  I told you it was wild.  That should also help you understand why we gravitated toward a project like Slaves.  With its degree of social stigma attached, we felt as if it was searching for a more effective way to communicate with the world as well.  Perfect fit!

Joshua:  Exactly.  I’m so excited about this project, and I’m sure there will be plenty others as well. 

Speaking of “others,” and I know you must be crazy busy, and I greatly appreciate your time today: so lastly, James, you mention in the video how these cowards are using the internet and social media to grow this industry.  But you also mentioned that we can use that same technology to overcome evil with good.  Please share with us your vision of this entire project, from the production of the film to the social media aspect, and how anyone and everyone can become a part (a Co-creator) of this Revolutionary movement?

James:  Yes, I wanted to empower people to see the “positive potential” of online technology (social media) first before taking a derogatory stab at how it has led to some of the most perverse platforms available today.  Ones that are fueling Child Sexual Slavery.  The outlets to roam freely in the dark are obviously flourishing these days.  Everybody knows that, but they don’t know how to fight back.  This contrast between light and dark is always going to exist in the balance of things I presume.  So I prefer to fight to reinforce that we can also use the power behind these same online social communities to spread love, relevant content, and higher forms of energy.  That was my hopefulness exuding through the cracks in the keyboard, lol.  You see, I simply wanted to relay how optimistic we all are about our fundraising objectives, and that this same passion at this level will without a doubt be infused into each plot point in our film making agendas with the Slaves – Feature Film.  So, I will leave the same invitation open to your readers.  That you can literally “co-create” with us now, by contributing any amount of energy into this project while we’re at this fundraising phase.  I won’t give away what we have in store for phase 2, after the film is finalized… maybe you can peek back in again then josh?

Joshua:  Brother, I’ve got a feeling there are going to many of us not only peeking in, but closely following this event as it transpires!  God Bless you James for what you and the crew at Creative Doorway are doing here, and I wish you God’s Speed throughout this exciting journey.

Listen Carefully below as James Buzzacco shares his passion for shining a bright light into the dark world of Human Sex Trafficking!

Then, take another quick minute to watch the trailer below, and discover everyone who has become involved in not only making this feature film a success, but who are also blazing the trail in waging war against Human Sex Trafficking…

Get the scoop on Buzzacco and his Cinema Film Company, Creative Doorway! Find them on Facebook or their Home Page at creativedoorway.com.

By Clicking Here Now, Learn How You, too, Can Join in this Indiegogo Campaign, and Choose to Become a Co-Creator of what might Possibly be The Tip of the Spearhead that Launches the Worldwide Assault Against the Evil Realm of Human Sex Trafficking!


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